What it is. 

A medically formulated series to treat your hair. Shampoos for oily scalp, dandruff, or hair loss/weakended hair. Oral tablets for the stimulation of hair growth.

What it does.

Iraltone products treat problems with scalp and/or hair. They are GENTLE, effective and have been formulated from a dermatological point of view. They have Clinical studies to support their claims. 

Main Actives :

Depending on the product. I’ve experimented with the shampoos. They are great. AND gentle. Fortifying Shampoo is my favourite. Conditions the hair while it cleanses. Has GINSENG root extract to stimulate the scalp. Plus lots of other active ingredients like Onion Bulb extract, Zinc PCA, Citruline, Glucosamine, Niacinamide (vit B3). All good for skin & hair.

Who’s it for ? 

If you are looking for a series of GENTLE & Effctive products for your hair (& Scalp). Good prices, a little goes a long way. Nice smell, no irritation with either of the shampoos. If you want a targeted supplement for hair growth stimulation, the tablets may be what you need. I haven’t tried those, but friend of mine use them and swear by them…Both men & women can use them !

Should you get it ?

If you have a sensitive scalp and are looking to treat it in a specific manner : yes. 

If – like me – you like to alternate your products (I’m a Kérastase addict) : yes.

Where to get it : online or at the pharmacy


What it is. 

Sisley Paris’ Black Rose Mask is a luxury, nutrient-packed face mask. It is aimed at fighting signs of fatigue & ageing and leaves skin plumped and energised.

What it does.

It plumps (really), BRIGHTENS (really), leaves skin so well hydrated that it’s hard to believe …

Main Actives : quite a lot ; lots of BOTANICALS. Here’s a few :

  • Shea Butter : also called “KARITE”, is an amazing, anti-oxidant rich emollient and moisturizer
  • Vitamin E : the star antioxidant
  • Rose flower oil : antioxidant
  • Glycerin : skin identical, resplenishes skin
  • Squalane : like glycerin
  • Arginine: Amino Acid, skin identical, helps plumping the skin
  • Panthenol : vitamin B5, soothing
  • Padina Pavonica : botanical, anti-pollution and improves cellular resistance due to an improved cell cohesion

Who’s it for ? If you’re over 40 and need an “overnight plump”, as you can use it like an overnight mask. If you’re younger, in case you’ve been mistreating your skin. Otherwise, use the Floral Gel Mask., which is a bit lighter in texture and helps restore moisture loss.

Do you need it ? 

Well, I do. Desperately. It’s the first mask/product able to “reset” my skin in just one night… Had a bit too many acids? Have you been exagerating the Retinol ? Use this one and you’ll adopt it for ever !


What is it ? 

A full-strength & powerful antiageing eye contour product. Described as “an intensive treatment for specific concerns”.

What it does.

  • Targets puffiness, dark circles and fine lines
  • Protects skin cells (from ageing) with powerful antioxidants
  • Can be used by people with vitamin K sensitivity (often, vitamin K is used in products that target dark circles)

Main actives : quite a few, but let’s face it, this is NEOSTRATA …

Gluconolactone : a PHA, that acts as a powerful antioxidant & help simprove cell turnover (in case your skin cells have gone lazy)

Lactobionic Acid : one of the famous “Bionics”. Antioxidant & improving cell turnover and a good, healthy skin barrier.

Retinyl Palmitate : vitamin A, but milder than Retinol

Vitamin C : brightening and stimulates COLLAGEN production

Vitamin E : antioxidant

Green Tea : antioxidant

Panthenol : soothing

Cucumber Extract : soothing

Peptides : either de-puffing or collagen boosting

And the list doesn’t stop here …

Who should use this ? 

In my opinion, anyone seeking for a quite POWERFUL eye product. I have personally found it to be really EFFECTIVE for fine lines & wrinkles …

Should you get it ? Depends on how powerful you want an eye cream to be. If you’re in your twenties, you might prefer a lighter product (in the sense of active ingredients). This could very well be a face cream, when I think of how active it is. If you have specific concerns, like the ones mentionned above, give it a try for sure !


What it is. Radiance Pell is a professional Retinol-based peeling. Meaning you can only get it from a LICENCED professional in a PROFESSIONAL Beauty Institute or Clinic.

What it does. Helps treating mild to moderate skin imperfections (think ACNE & ACNE SCARRING). Improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone. Enhances skin clarity & radiance. After the treatment, your skin might peel (lightly)  for a few days.

Main Actives : Retinol, Citrafill, Vitamin E. 

Who is it for ? If you’re new to professional peelings, you might better start with an AHA/Fruit Acid peeling session. If you’re seeking for an effective, bit more “hardcore” treatment, this is the one to get. Not as heavy as a chemical peel, but just a bit more than the odd (yet beautyful) AHA peel. In between the two, I’d say. Great for ACNE, SCARS (from acne), but also AGEING SKIN. Think fine lines & pore structure. GREAT !

Should you get it ? Discuss it with your therapist. Best used when you’ve already experienced some AHA treatments. OR, if you did not like those, of course. This one is different. NO stinging, no burning. Just some light peeling in the days that follow. Great feeling of a NEW skin. LOVE it ….

MIXES & MATCHES (Like you see on my Instagram)

What ? I’ve been posting quite a few “skin care routines” recently. They are mostly a “mix & match” of different brands. Generally the brands I love, likely to be brands I work with on a professional basis. No affiliated links ever! 

Why ? I wnat to show you that skincare is versatile. You can easily combine products, as long as you respect certain rules. Cheaper brands work very well with more expensive brands. “Active”  brands are a good match with “gentle” brands.

Examples : I can easily match some highly ACTIVE Neostrata products with some gentle Ceravé Moisturizer. Or pair an Exuviance serum with a Sisley botanically formulated cream. It’s all possible, as long as you think LOGICALLY. Active ingredients with smaller molecules and/or stimulating stuff goes on FIRST. Acids go FIRST. Gentle ones, like PHA or PHA BIONICS, which I’ve discovered and LOVE, go first. Then lots of MOISTURE. Then NOURISHING THINGS. 

A creamy cleanser – like SISLEY’s FABULOUS LAIT AUX LYS – works as an SPF remover for me.

A gentle exfoliating cleanser like Neostrata PHA4 or Exuviance follows for second cleansing.

Toner can be an Acid of your choice. I’m not into “heavy duty” products so BR (Biologique Recherche) P50 did not work for me. Clarins Doux Exfoliant is nice, but Exuviance, with PHA, is better for my skin.

Then a serum or Essence ; anything that comes into my mind. From PHA/Bionic to Pre-Biotic. Or some Hyaluronic if I just want moisture. You can also do a SHEET MASK at this stage. Exuviance has two new ones and they’re great !

Cream can be according to skin condition/weather : I LOVE SISLEY. Emulsion Ecologique is still a favourite. So is Sisleyouth and Hydra Global. Somethimes I layer a bit of Ceravé Lotion in between for its CERAMIDES. Those help RESPLENISH skin, especially if you’re over 40 ….

Should you do this ? Yes, if you want the best for your skin. No regimen can be for ever.


What is it ? A series of really HIGH-TECH, incredibly efficient and DERMATOLOGICALLY PROVEN SPF products, that can be obtained only through selected channels.

What it does. Heliocare Ultra offers you BROAD SPECTRUM both UVA + UVB Protection against harmful sunrays and AGEING LIGHT. SPF starts at 30 and goes up to 50+ (formerly 90!), in both hydrating GEL Cream and Cream textures for face, and an incredibly elegant BODY SPRAY. With the added benefit of a highly EFFECTIVE ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION.

Main Actives : well, too much to mention them all ! A combination of both PHYSICAL and CHEMICAL FILTERS, using the most up to date technology. PLUS their famous and PATENTED FERNBLOCK antioxidant protection from polypodium leucotomos, a specially grown fern. Fernblock offers you ADDED antiageing and ANTI-AGESPOTS protection, which really works for people with hyperpigmentation or MELASMA issues !

Who is it for ? Anyone looking for more than the “standard” in sun protection. If you have issues with premature ageing, sun-damages skin or pigmentation problems, this is the series to go for. I personally use this series DAILY, and even skip my moisturizer on warm days, as all products are both HYDRATING and ANTIAGEING.

Should you get it ? Absolutely ! Considering the price (twenty-and-a-bit Euros for a face cream or gel), this series is a “must have” if you want VALUE FOR MONEY….  


What it is. An anti-ageing serum. Exuviance’s Age Reverse Series is their ultimate skin care line for ageing skin.

What it does : designed to reduce the appearance if wrinkles, treat hyperpigmentation and give skin a more glowing, youthful appearance.

Main ingredients : Neoglucosamine is a patented, “non-acid” exfoliating ingredient that helps improve cell turnover. In ageing skin, cell turnover is slowing down, so this ingredient aims at getting skin “back to work”. Stabilized Vitamin C helps treating AGE SPOTS and gives skin a more uniform appearance. AND it helps stimulating COLLAGEN production, which is one of the KEY problems when we age (meaning : collagen production is slowing down & collagen quality gets less). Aminofil is a blend of so called “amino-acids”, which are the building blocks to our collagen.

Who’s it for ? Over 40 ? It’s for you 🙂


Should you get it ? If ageing skin is your main concern, a good serum – like this one – is you NUMBER ONE priority. You can spend more on a serum (and less on a cream) if you want to, because a serum brings you all the ACTIVE INGREDIENTS in a CONCENTRATE. That’s why, in general, serums are more expensive….

NOTE : Exuviance are currently reorganizing their skincare lines. On the picture, my serum still has the name “Total Correct & Sculpt” on it, which is the “old” name of the product.



What it is. A high-end, luxury, delicious FLORAL face toner. No alcohol.

What it does. It soothes & stimulates dry & sensitive skin types. Hydrates skin. Refreshes in a very luxury way.

Main Active ingredients : Cornflower (soothing), Rose (stimulating/hydrating/antioxidant), Which Hazel (astringent/anti-inflammatory & antioxidant). Glycerin for added moisture.


Who’s it for ? Those who like a luxury, nature-inspired, soothing toning lotion. Mostly dryer or DEHYDRATED skin types. I’m combination skin and I love it…

Should you get it ? If you’re into Sisley or other luxury French brands : YES. If you like nature-inspired products with plant-based actives : YES.  If you don’t mind the price ; but

I believe it’s worth it !



What it is. An 8 percent Glycolic Acid alcohol-based solution for seriously OILY or BLEMISHED skin. It’s aimed at treating really oily or acne prone skin. It’s a product you will use after cleansing, as a “treatment-toner”.

What it does. The GLYCOLIC ACID in this product will help skin eliminate its dead skin cells, thus helping pores to be freed of dead skin cells clinging tot he excess oils produced by this type of skin.

Main Active Ingredients : Glycolic Acid is an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that is very helpful for treating many different skin conditions, one of them being ACNE. The advantage of glycolic acid, is that the molecules are very SMALL and can get deep into the skin, meaning they can help obtain a healthy skincell turnover.


Who is it for ? I’d say young people, mostly. Those suffering from mild to moderate Acne. If you’re an adult and still suffering from acne/very oily skin, this product might also be what you’re looking for. Neostrata is a dermatologist led brand, prescribed & sed by many doctors & skin therapists around the world. They are the real SPECIALISTS when it comes to usinf Fruit Acids !

Should you get it ? If you’ve got a STRONG & OILY skin : YES ! If you’ve got acne, but your skin is sensitive/sensitized by treatments : NO. In this case, go for a MILDER version of AHA’s named PHA or BIONICS. See my article/blog Post on NEOSTRATA BIONIC FACE CREAM.

By the way : don’t forget your SPF when you’re using acids !!



What it is : a dual chemical + physical exfoliation that resurfaces & prepares skin for further treatments. Can be used in cabin and at home.

What it does : A 10 percent GLYCOLIC plus 2 percent BIONIC ACID blended with professional grade ALUMINA CRYSTALS provides deep PORE CLEANSING and INSTANT RESURFACING of your skin.


Main Actives : Glycolic Acid, the smallest of all “Fruit Acids” (AHA’s) can penetrate deeply into the skin (dermal layer) where it stimulates both cell turnover & COLLAGEN PRODUCTION. Bionic Acid also helps restore skin’s barrier.

Who’s it for ? Anyone seeking for a POTENT, effective exfoliating at home treatment that combines granules to a chemical exfoliator. Dull skin, tired skin, ageing skin, oily/blemished skin.

Should you get it ? Yes if you fall into one of the above mentionned categories. I personally use it on occasion (few times a month), or as a “course” of several treatments within two weeks (like 3 times a week during two weeks). Gets you a lovely glow whenever your skin is dull. Ideal to prep skin for intensive treatment (like ampoules or serums).