What it is : a dual chemical + physical exfoliation that resurfaces & prepares skin for further treatments. Can be used in cabin and at home.

What it does : A 10 percent GLYCOLIC plus 2 percent BIONIC ACID blended with professional grade ALUMINA CRYSTALS provides deep PORE CLEANSING and INSTANT RESURFACING of your skin.


Main Actives : Glycolic Acid, the smallest of all “Fruit Acids” (AHA’s) can penetrate deeply into the skin (dermal layer) where it stimulates both cell turnover & COLLAGEN PRODUCTION. Bionic Acid also helps restore skin’s barrier.

Who’s it for ? Anyone seeking for a POTENT, effective exfoliating at home treatment that combines granules to a chemical exfoliator. Dull skin, tired skin, ageing skin, oily/blemished skin.

Should you get it ? Yes if you fall into one of the above mentionned categories. I personally use it on occasion (few times a month), or as a “course” of several treatments within two weeks (like 3 times a week during two weeks). Gets you a lovely glow whenever your skin is dull. Ideal to prep skin for intensive treatment (like ampoules or serums).




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