What it is. 

Sisley Paris’ Black Rose Mask is a luxury, nutrient-packed face mask. It is aimed at fighting signs of fatigue & ageing and leaves skin plumped and energised.

What it does.

It plumps (really), BRIGHTENS (really), leaves skin so well hydrated that it’s hard to believe …

Main Actives : quite a lot ; lots of BOTANICALS. Here’s a few :

  • Shea Butter : also called “KARITE”, is an amazing, anti-oxidant rich emollient and moisturizer
  • Vitamin E : the star antioxidant
  • Rose flower oil : antioxidant
  • Glycerin : skin identical, resplenishes skin
  • Squalane : like glycerin
  • Arginine: Amino Acid, skin identical, helps plumping the skin
  • Panthenol : vitamin B5, soothing
  • Padina Pavonica : botanical, anti-pollution and improves cellular resistance due to an improved cell cohesion

Who’s it for ? If you’re over 40 and need an “overnight plump”, as you can use it like an overnight mask. If you’re younger, in case you’ve been mistreating your skin. Otherwise, use the Floral Gel Mask., which is a bit lighter in texture and helps restore moisture loss.

Do you need it ? 

Well, I do. Desperately. It’s the first mask/product able to “reset” my skin in just one night… Had a bit too many acids? Have you been exagerating the Retinol ? Use this one and you’ll adopt it for ever !

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