What is it ? 

A full-strength & powerful antiageing eye contour product. Described as “an intensive treatment for specific concerns”.

What it does.

  • Targets puffiness, dark circles and fine lines
  • Protects skin cells (from ageing) with powerful antioxidants
  • Can be used by people with vitamin K sensitivity (often, vitamin K is used in products that target dark circles)

Main actives : quite a few, but let’s face it, this is NEOSTRATA …

Gluconolactone : a PHA, that acts as a powerful antioxidant & help simprove cell turnover (in case your skin cells have gone lazy)

Lactobionic Acid : one of the famous “Bionics”. Antioxidant & improving cell turnover and a good, healthy skin barrier.

Retinyl Palmitate : vitamin A, but milder than Retinol

Vitamin C : brightening and stimulates COLLAGEN production

Vitamin E : antioxidant

Green Tea : antioxidant

Panthenol : soothing

Cucumber Extract : soothing

Peptides : either de-puffing or collagen boosting

And the list doesn’t stop here …

Who should use this ? 

In my opinion, anyone seeking for a quite POWERFUL eye product. I have personally found it to be really EFFECTIVE for fine lines & wrinkles …

Should you get it ? Depends on how powerful you want an eye cream to be. If you’re in your twenties, you might prefer a lighter product (in the sense of active ingredients). This could very well be a face cream, when I think of how active it is. If you have specific concerns, like the ones mentionned above, give it a try for sure !

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