What is it ?

A gentle, alcohol-free toner with a polyhydroxy acid to GENTLY exfoliate skin.

What it does :

By removing dead, dull skin flakes from skin’s surface, it can help reveal a brighter, more even skin tone. In the long run, regular GENTLE exfoliation helps fight HYPERPIGMENTATION & signs of AGEING skin…


Main actives : a blend of botanicals (plant extracts) like rosemary, chamomile and cucumber. Soothing & cell-protecting (antioxidant). GLUCONOLACTONE : mild PHA ACID, help simprove/normalize cell turnover & purifies skin.

Who’s it for ?

According to the brand : delicate skin types.

According to me : ALL skin types benefit from this gentle, yet effective product.

Where to get it ?

From your skin therapist or  licenced beautician.




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