What is it ? A series of really HIGH-TECH, incredibly efficient and DERMATOLOGICALLY PROVEN SPF products, that can be obtained only through selected channels.

What it does. Heliocare Ultra offers you BROAD SPECTRUM both UVA + UVB Protection against harmful sunrays and AGEING LIGHT. SPF starts at 30 and goes up to 50+ (formerly 90!), in both hydrating GEL Cream and Cream textures for face, and an incredibly elegant BODY SPRAY. With the added benefit of a highly EFFECTIVE ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION.

Main Actives : well, too much to mention them all ! A combination of both PHYSICAL and CHEMICAL FILTERS, using the most up to date technology. PLUS their famous and PATENTED FERNBLOCK antioxidant protection from polypodium leucotomos, a specially grown fern. Fernblock offers you ADDED antiageing and ANTI-AGESPOTS protection, which really works for people with hyperpigmentation or MELASMA issues !

Who is it for ? Anyone looking for more than the “standard” in sun protection. If you have issues with premature ageing, sun-damages skin or pigmentation problems, this is the series to go for. I personally use this series DAILY, and even skip my moisturizer on warm days, as all products are both HYDRATING and ANTIAGEING.

Should you get it ? Absolutely ! Considering the price (twenty-and-a-bit Euros for a face cream or gel), this series is a “must have” if you want VALUE FOR MONEY….  

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