What it is. Radiance Pell is a professional Retinol-based peeling. Meaning you can only get it from a LICENCED professional in a PROFESSIONAL Beauty Institute or Clinic.

What it does. Helps treating mild to moderate skin imperfections (think ACNE & ACNE SCARRING). Improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone. Enhances skin clarity & radiance. After the treatment, your skin might peel (lightly)  for a few days.

Main Actives : Retinol, Citrafill, Vitamin E. 

Who is it for ? If you’re new to professional peelings, you might better start with an AHA/Fruit Acid peeling session. If you’re seeking for an effective, bit more “hardcore” treatment, this is the one to get. Not as heavy as a chemical peel, but just a bit more than the odd (yet beautyful) AHA peel. In between the two, I’d say. Great for ACNE, SCARS (from acne), but also AGEING SKIN. Think fine lines & pore structure. GREAT !

Should you get it ? Discuss it with your therapist. Best used when you’ve already experienced some AHA treatments. OR, if you did not like those, of course. This one is different. NO stinging, no burning. Just some light peeling in the days that follow. Great feeling of a NEW skin. LOVE it ….



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