What is it ?

A gentle, dermatologically formulated skin cleanser with POLYHYDROXY ACID to cleanse without stripping the skin. A non-foaming FRESH GEL formula

What it does : GLUCONOLACTONE, a polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) is non-irritating (like some AHA OR BHA Fruit Acids) and suitable for ALL skin types. It prepares skin for OPTIMAL skincare regimen and helps reveal a SMOOTHER, YOUNGER look.

Main actives : GLUCONOLACTONE, which helps EXFOLIATE AND HYDRATE skin and can even be used after procedures.


Who’s it for ? Sensitive skin types who want an exfoliating cleanser. Meaning you don’t just clean, but also remove DEAD SKIN CELLS from your skin’s surface while cleansing.

Should you get it ? YES if you like a reasonably priced, gentle & effective cleanser that removers EVERYTHING, from make-up to SPF and daily pollution. NO, if you like harsh cleansers that foam a lot (but who wants this anyway ?)

LOVE this one, as it doesn’t foam & keeps skin moist !


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