What it is. A VERY HIGH PROTECTION SPF Gel texture with broad spectrum UVA/UVB Filters.

What it does. This product protects really SENSITIVE skin types (types I & II) from harmful sun rays. 50+ Protection means the HIGHEST level of protection you can get. Potent antioxidants protect your skin (from ageing) on a CELLULAR LEVEL.

Main Actives : broad spectrum chemical AND physical sunscreens give you a long lasting, OPTIMAL protection agains burning UVB and ageing UVA rays. Featuring Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide, PLUS the “golden standard” Avobenzone for the best protection you can wish for. The patented ingredient Fernblock offers high-level antioxidant (cellular) protection.


Who’s it for ? Everyone with a sun-sensitive skin in general, or anyone wanting the best (and lasting) protection during heavy sun exposure. This is the one I use when I’m at the coast, on the beach or even when taking a long walk outside. It’s the best one I ever came across, and is very helpful if you’re struggling with HYPERPIGMENTATION or MELASMA. If that’s the case, use it during the entire Spring-Summer period.

Should you get it? If you keep getting sun spots : YES ! If you’re worried about skin ageing : YES. If you need a reliable, long-lasting sunscreen : YES.

NOTE OF WARNING : although my PERSONAL experience is, that it’s a “long-lasting”, the advice is always to REPEAT application every two hours when you’re in the sun.

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