What it is. An anti-ageing serum. Exuviance’s Age Reverse Series is their ultimate skin care line for ageing skin.

What it does : designed to reduce the appearance if wrinkles, treat hyperpigmentation and give skin a more glowing, youthful appearance.

Main ingredients : Neoglucosamine is a patented, “non-acid” exfoliating ingredient that helps improve cell turnover. In ageing skin, cell turnover is slowing down, so this ingredient aims at getting skin “back to work”. Stabilized Vitamin C helps treating AGE SPOTS and gives skin a more uniform appearance. AND it helps stimulating COLLAGEN production, which is one of the KEY problems when we age (meaning : collagen production is slowing down & collagen quality gets less). Aminofil is a blend of so called “amino-acids”, which are the building blocks to our collagen.

Who’s it for ? Over 40 ? It’s for you 🙂


Should you get it ? If ageing skin is your main concern, a good serum – like this one – is you NUMBER ONE priority. You can spend more on a serum (and less on a cream) if you want to, because a serum brings you all the ACTIVE INGREDIENTS in a CONCENTRATE. That’s why, in general, serums are more expensive….

NOTE : Exuviance are currently reorganizing their skincare lines. On the picture, my serum still has the name “Total Correct & Sculpt” on it, which is the “old” name of the product.




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