What is it ? An ultra gentle, hydrating and soothing face cleanser & make-up remover. Non foaming.

What it does ? Obviously, cleansing your skin (gently), while PolyHydroxyAcids (PHA’s) help loosen dull, dead skin cells and promote a HEALTHY glowing skin.

Main actives : PHA’s help hydrate & protect the epidermal barrier. Plus they stimulate cell turnover, resulting in a more YOUTHFULL appearance. Botanical (plant) Extracts help soothe & hydrate your skin during the cleansing process.


Who’s it for ? Skin types that need effective, yet GENTLE cleansing. Anyone wanting a cream cleanser that doesn’t foam, but works on cell turnover at the same time. This is a really gentle PURIFYING AND ANTI-AGING  cleanser !

Should you get it ? Although about 40 Euros might seem a lot for some of you, a little goes a VERY long way in this case … I personally use it with wet hands, because it is soooo concentrated, meaning one package will last for at least 4 to 5 months !! To my personal knowledge, there is no other similar product (combining cream texture with PHA technology) on the market. So YES, go for it !




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