What it is. An 8 percent Glycolic Acid alcohol-based solution for seriously OILY or BLEMISHED skin. It’s aimed at treating really oily or acne prone skin. It’s a product you will use after cleansing, as a “treatment-toner”.

What it does. The GLYCOLIC ACID in this product will help skin eliminate its dead skin cells, thus helping pores to be freed of dead skin cells clinging tot he excess oils produced by this type of skin.

Main Active Ingredients : Glycolic Acid is an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that is very helpful for treating many different skin conditions, one of them being ACNE. The advantage of glycolic acid, is that the molecules are very SMALL and can get deep into the skin, meaning they can help obtain a healthy skincell turnover.


Who is it for ? I’d say young people, mostly. Those suffering from mild to moderate Acne. If you’re an adult and still suffering from acne/very oily skin, this product might also be what you’re looking for. Neostrata is a dermatologist led brand, prescribed & sed by many doctors & skin therapists around the world. They are the real SPECIALISTS when it comes to usinf Fruit Acids !

Should you get it ? If you’ve got a STRONG & OILY skin : YES ! If you’ve got acne, but your skin is sensitive/sensitized by treatments : NO. In this case, go for a MILDER version of AHA’s named PHA or BIONICS. See my article/blog Post on NEOSTRATA BIONIC FACE CREAM.

By the way : don’t forget your SPF when you’re using acids !!


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