MIXES & MATCHES (Like you see on my Instagram)

What ? I’ve been posting quite a few “skin care routines” recently. They are mostly a “mix & match” of different brands. Generally the brands I love, likely to be brands I work with on a professional basis. No affiliated links ever! 

Why ? I wnat to show you that skincare is versatile. You can easily combine products, as long as you respect certain rules. Cheaper brands work very well with more expensive brands. “Active”  brands are a good match with “gentle” brands.

Examples : I can easily match some highly ACTIVE Neostrata products with some gentle Ceravé Moisturizer. Or pair an Exuviance serum with a Sisley botanically formulated cream. It’s all possible, as long as you think LOGICALLY. Active ingredients with smaller molecules and/or stimulating stuff goes on FIRST. Acids go FIRST. Gentle ones, like PHA or PHA BIONICS, which I’ve discovered and LOVE, go first. Then lots of MOISTURE. Then NOURISHING THINGS. 

A creamy cleanser – like SISLEY’s FABULOUS LAIT AUX LYS – works as an SPF remover for me.

A gentle exfoliating cleanser like Neostrata PHA4 or Exuviance follows for second cleansing.

Toner can be an Acid of your choice. I’m not into “heavy duty” products so BR (Biologique Recherche) P50 did not work for me. Clarins Doux Exfoliant is nice, but Exuviance, with PHA, is better for my skin.

Then a serum or Essence ; anything that comes into my mind. From PHA/Bionic to Pre-Biotic. Or some Hyaluronic if I just want moisture. You can also do a SHEET MASK at this stage. Exuviance has two new ones and they’re great !

Cream can be according to skin condition/weather : I LOVE SISLEY. Emulsion Ecologique is still a favourite. So is Sisleyouth and Hydra Global. Somethimes I layer a bit of Ceravé Lotion in between for its CERAMIDES. Those help RESPLENISH skin, especially if you’re over 40 ….

Should you do this ? Yes, if you want the best for your skin. No regimen can be for ever.

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