What it is. 

A medically formulated series to treat your hair. Shampoos for oily scalp, dandruff, or hair loss/weakended hair. Oral tablets for the stimulation of hair growth.

What it does.

Iraltone products treat problems with scalp and/or hair. They are GENTLE, effective and have been formulated from a dermatological point of view. They have Clinical studies to support their claims. 

Main Actives :

Depending on the product. I’ve experimented with the shampoos. They are great. AND gentle. Fortifying Shampoo is my favourite. Conditions the hair while it cleanses. Has GINSENG root extract to stimulate the scalp. Plus lots of other active ingredients like Onion Bulb extract, Zinc PCA, Citruline, Glucosamine, Niacinamide (vit B3). All good for skin & hair.

Who’s it for ? 

If you are looking for a series of GENTLE & Effctive products for your hair (& Scalp). Good prices, a little goes a long way. Nice smell, no irritation with either of the shampoos. If you want a targeted supplement for hair growth stimulation, the tablets may be what you need. I haven’t tried those, but friend of mine use them and swear by them…Both men & women can use them !

Should you get it ?

If you have a sensitive scalp and are looking to treat it in a specific manner : yes. 

If – like me – you like to alternate your products (I’m a Kérastase addict) : yes.

Where to get it : online or at the pharmacy

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