For daily use

Sisley Paris has a way of making lovely products. They just have. Price-wise, it’s not a brand that will go for everyone’s budget, but if ever you feel you want to give yourself a real treat (and a truly nice product), this is a brand to consider seriously.

I’ve been trying quite some Sisley product lately (as I’m training for the company actually), so there’s more to come. But let’s start with the beginning.

This is meant as a morning cleanser. Which doesn’t mean you can’t do it at night. That’s how I use it. After a “normal” cleanse (milk/gel/balm/oil), when ever I feel my skin needs “a bit more”. Either because I’ve been in town all day long (pollution), or just because my skin looks dull.

The product has tiny, yet active, srubbing particles, that nicely roll over your skin while you’re massaging it. I tend to insist on T-zone, but go for one or two rounds over cheeks and neck also. Always avoid eye area, it’s just too thin and sensitive. It takes one or two minutes to apply, and is simply rinsed off. Twice a week is great.


Although you’re not supposed to do anything more “agressive” afterwards, I do like to follow with a mild acid in order to make it an “acid” / regenerating treatment. Think toner or cream here. Whiche also means, I personally like it for the evening. Instead of mornings, of course.

In my opinion, if you want to re-activate your skin, you need to “take it by surprise” now and then. That’s just what I do.

Normally, when I’m not in an acid mood J, I will follow with gentle toning, essence and serum/cream. All by Sisley, of course. Well, most of the time, anyway.

Results : skin is IMMEDIATELY refreshed and looks ever-so-fresh. Blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin is ACTIVATED and anything you put on afterwards is immediately absorbed.

Texture : gel with buffing particles

Skin types : all (active acne : avoid, couperosis : avoid)

Age : all, especially after 35/40 when you skin needs some “vitalization”.

Frequence of use : Daily (Sisley) as a MORNING cleanser, twice a week (me), in the EVENINGS

Lovely, slightly aromatic smell.


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